Thursday, February 25, 2010

Syracuse, NY Food Hop #3: The Little Thai House

2863 Erie Boulevard East

The Little Thai House served up some authentic spicy thai food last night. Not quite as spicy for my taste but very great tasting. Presentation of the food was very clean on white modern plates, and I ordered thick rice noodles with vegetables, shrimp, and a light soy sauce. Everyone was pleased with their orders at the table, and reported wanting to return. My favorite Thai restaurant is still Bangkok Thai in Liverpool, NY. Hopefully I will visit there soon!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Syracuse, NY Food Hop #2: Sotiri''s

6523 E Seneca Turnpike
Jamesville, NY 13078

This Food Hop claimed to be an authentic greek experience. The ambiance was great, and the paintings on the walls set the right mood. However, I have mixed reviews for their food. Initially the table was served drinks and oddly... italian bread. I ordered the lemon orzo soup which was amazing, and very well flavored. I tried to keep it simple by ordering a gyro. I unfortunately lost out here with overcooked meat, and cucumber sauce that lacked enough cucumber. Overall, I might try this place again, but I do know the Black Olive in downtown Syracuse, NY has some really fabulous pita bread. I could live without this Food Hop!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Syracuse, New York Food Hop #1: Franchesca's Cucina

545 North Salina Street

As I promised January 2010 would start with food reviews for my hometown and upstate NY area! My first stop on New Year's Eve was Franchesca's Cucina. A quaint Italian restaurant that serves up expensive dishes. Was the food worth the cost? Yes, but the service left much to be desired. After waiting for an hour and a half for a reserved table our group was starving. Without any compensation or apology from the staff, our group ate and left. I had the diver scallops on risotto, and a caprese salad. The scallops were cooked perfectly, and the risotto had a great bite. The fresh mozarella was amazing, and I am interested in where they purchase it from. All in all I would recommend other Italian stops in central NY: Gentile's or Rosalie's. Oh and don't worry my NYC trip is soon to uploaded!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Washington D.C., A Food Hopper Recomendation

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington D.C, 20006

One of my trusted Food Hoppers reported back from Washington, D.C and made a recommendation. I will not be able to visit there for awhile so I thought why not highlight it?

Try Founding Farmers on Pennsylvania avenue! The On the Ranch Land and Sea plate looks delicious, along with the diver scallops, and the brackawurst on a roll for something unique. Try contacting me with your Food Hopping recommendations from your travels? Email me at

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Moleskine Arrives with Foodie Journals

Do you like to write down what you just cooked up for dinner? How about track the different wines you taste during your travels? Ask for these great food journals that allow you to write, track, and draw what you eat in a sleek, compact book from Moleskine! Check out Cookin in the 'Cuse blog to find out more!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Appetite City by William Grimes

In the midst of reading Appetite City by William Grimes. Good read about the history of gastronomy in NYC! Learning all about the local oyster bars that are now extinct. Wouldn't it be cool if someone opened a restaurant that was a throw back to the early days with local menus, and the old decor? Oh looking for a good xmas gift for a Food Hopper you know? Try Food Journeys of a Lifetime 500 by National Geographic.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Central & Upstate NY... Starting January ,09

I will be starting to Food Hop around central and upstate New York starting in January 2010! I want your input on where I should start! Please give me your feeback right on my blog by clicking on comments! And stay tuned for my Food Hop selections for my NYC trip in December!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

December '09 New York Trip

I will be heading to Manhattan in December! Make sure to suggest where I should Food Hop next. Magnolia Bakery & Matsuri Sushi have all visited my blog and invited me back for special events!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Estes Park Food Hop #2: The Estes Park Pie Co.

370 East Elkhorn Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517

"You need pie!" is the theme of this local Estes Park pie company. When you put it that way, it easy to walk in the door. Homemade pies greet you in the cute glass display cases, and they serve up some very unique pie combinations. I chose the apple ginger peach with crumb topping, and my friend had the triple berry. Yummy! Food Hop here and savor the pie from local owners Valerie & Rick Thompson. I was surprised to learn that even brides are giving up their wedding cake to serve up their creations. Grab a forkful of pie and walk around downtown. Remember Colorado has 300 days of sun a year!

Estes Park Food Hop #1: Ed's Cantina

390 E Elkhorn Ave
Estes Park, CO 80517

Ed's Cantina greets on your way into downtown Estes Park, CO, the gateway to the Rocky Mountains. This is the only restaurant open downtown in the middle of October, and is a reliable "late night" pick. I had the fish tacos with rice and beans. The cucumber coleslaw with spicy cilantro was the highlight of the meal. This Food Hop is one you may need in your back pocket if you plan on eating in Estes Park after 8pm. If you can afford the Stanley Hotel, however, head on up the hill and Hop past this stop.