Thursday, October 29, 2009

December '09 New York Trip

I will be heading to Manhattan in December! Make sure to suggest where I should Food Hop next. Magnolia Bakery & Matsuri Sushi have all visited my blog and invited me back for special events!


  1. Oh my. You're using 'my' blogspot template! Just linked to you from you're comment on Cookin' in the 'Cuse. Nice to find another local foodie/blogger.

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  3. Hey Robin! I'm following your advice and leaving you a comment on your blog instead of email ;)

    A website I looked up says these are the best places to eat in NYC:

    Best Japanese: Sushi Yasuda
    Best Pizza: Lucali in Brooklyn
    Best Overall Food: Per Se (expensive)
    Most Popular: Union Square Cafe
    Best Burger: DuMont in Brooklyn

  4. My favorite food stop in NYC is Mangia e Bevi on 9th Ave at the corner of 53rd. Here is their website: Their food is so great, it's Italian and the atmosphere is soo energizing. It's like a big party all the time, but you can have a corner table to, if you want some peace and quiet. I highly recommend it. Its the one place we always make sure to hit up everytime we visit!!