Tuesday, August 18, 2009


So I know bloggs are supposed to be up to date current information, and this is the only time I will break that rule... for Italy. I went to Florence, Italy in February of 2009 and fell in love with food. There are three places in Florence that you have to stop if you go. One is the Hotel Rosary Garden http://www.rosarygarden.it/. I know this is a food blog.... just wait... if you stay here right outside the main center it is quiet and you live above the best Gelateria and La Piazzetta (43/R, Vl. Giannotti, Firenze, Italy) in Florence in my opinion. Causal, and amazing. I have dreams about the pistachio gelato mixed with dark chocolate. At La Piazzetta the margherita pizza is served straight from the wood ovens, and if you sit in the main dining room there are large iron hangers that hang spits of meat when ordered.... okay that is number one.

Okay #2. Take the bus to Piazza San Marco every morning. My favorite piazza because it is quiet, and has the best quick breakfast! Stop at Gran Caffe San Marco for a quick espresso and a lemon filled sugar donut! Or stop by Pugi for a quick lunch with fresh pizzas and breads! Neither of these have web links so google map piazza San Marco and take the street view... you will see them on the corner.

Okay #3: I had the best dinner of my life at Trattoria 4 Leoni (http://www.4leoni.com/index.php). I had the Fiocchetti di Pera in salsa di taleggio e aspargi. (pasta filled with pear, in a sauce made with taleggio and asapargus). Little pasta purses stuffed with pear and marscapone cheese and asparagus. This is coated in the lightest cream sauce made with taleggio cheese.Oh my! Please if you can in your lifetime get these little pastas... do so!


  1. Hi, my name is Giacomo, sometimes I eat that kind of pasta and it's really good, I love it too! I'm glad that you like our cuisine :D Feel free to visit my/our blog! ^^

  2. Giacomo.... where did you have this pasta? What region of Italy are you from? Based on your blog it looks like Italians can annoy you!

  3. I live in the region of Marche, my grandmother is used to cook the "fiocchetti" during the Easter Holidays, probably they are not exactly the same but they're really good.
    "Based on your blog it looks like Italians can annoy you!" uhhh.. just a little bit -_-

  4. Lol my best friend is 100% Italian and her family I believe is from Sicily. Easter was one my favorite times because I made easter bread with her family.